A Christmas to Remember

Christmas to Remember
It was November 1983 and I remember standing in the hospital room when he was handed to me. It seemed as if I were dreaming. I was having a problem taking it all in and assimilating the reality of it. I was holding my son for the very first time.
There he was all wrapped up in his baby blanket completely oblivious to who I was or what was going on around him. I was filled with pride and joy for my boy. Here was a life that was an extension of mine. Here was a child that I brought into this world. Here was a child that I loved more than myself. It was both an exciting and sobering moment for me. I did not want to fail him as his father.
I will be the first to admit that I married young and probably lacked the maturity to fully appreciate my first Christmas as a father. There were many things that I had to reconcile. I was married for a year when my son arrived. I had no real successful models of marriage or parenting in my life and the challenge for me to succeed at either was daunting. But, I can say that here I am over twenty five years later still married and enjoy a good relationship with my son. How did I do it? I learned as I went.
It was December 2005. I was standing in a hospital room when he was handed to me. He was all wrapped up in his blanket and sporting a beanie on his head. When I held him for the first time I wept. This was my grandson. I looked down at him and heard a line from “O little town of Bethlehem”—“the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.” This child would even be further removed from the generational demons that I had to contend with. For that I was so grateful.
Whereas I learned as I went with my son, things with this one would be different. I knew more and had matured. I would be able to provide him with things I never saw demonstrated as a child. Such as financial and personal responsibility, a good work ethic, stability, emotional strength, martial commitment, good parenting and genuine spirituality. And, not only would he see these things lived out in me, but he would see them lived out in his father as well. The generational curse had been reversed. Now I was releasing the generational blessing!
I stood there in that hospital room with my grandson in my arms. I held him close to him and I spoke a blessing over his life. “Great is your peace. For you are taught of the Lord. You are anointed. You blessed. You are protected. You are healthy. You are wealthy. You are whole. Nothing missing, Nothing broken in your life.”
Christmas 2005 was a Christmas to remember. It was the Christmas that the pain of the past was forgotten and the hope of the future was released.


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