Out of Darkness into Light Part 1

We are just days away from the new year. This is a very festive time of year just finishing up Christmas and Thanksgiving was just a few weeks prior to that. Though this is “happy time of year” I personally do not like the time between Thanksgiving and New years for two reasons: Dark and cold. To me the holiday season seems to be the darkest and coldest time of the entire year.

It is has been said that more people suffer from depression during the holiday season than that any other time. There is speculation as to why this is. In my opinion,I do not think it is just holiday stress, but people see outside what they are feeling on the inside. They see the winter. They see less sunlight and more darkness. And, perhaps they see their lives void of lie and bleak. Their lives may not be where they wanted them to be. They may not have attained the goals they had hoped to. Perhaps the previous year brough them great personal pain. And, going into the new year they feel that their lives will go from bad to worse.

Don’t you find it interesting that the New Year begins in the dead of winter? The Celtic New Year begins November 1 and there is a reason for this. Celtic spirituality taught that winter is a time of reflection and preparation. This is when one begins to dream of a brighter season ahead. After all; life begins in the dark! When you can’t see light, when you feel cold and lifeless–this is the season for new life to begin! This is the time to reflect and dream. this is the time to cast a vision for what is yet to be. The winter is a season and seasons change. Eventually the cold and dark of winter will give way to the warmth and light of spring. When it does, do you want to be living with a winter perspective? Now is the time to correct the path. Make personal adjustments and set your sights on the life you deserve to live.

Over the next few days, I will be sharing insights on how to make the coming year your best year ever! Right now that may seem like a pipe dream. But the fact is, the next year can be whatever you want it to be. It will be whatever you believe it to be. If you believe that next year will be cold and hard–it will be. If you believe that the coming year will be prosperous and awesome–it will be. Jesus said “according to your faith be it unto you.” Why not believe for something bigger and better? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


~ by DanielToops.com on December 27, 2010.

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