Out of Darkness Into Light Part 3–Focus

Where do you want to end up? Where is it that you want your life to go? Are you heading in the direction you really want to go? Your focus will determine your direction. And, direction determines your destination Determine where it is you want to end up, point yourself in that direction, and start moving toward your goal.
understand that you will move in the direction you are facing. If you are not facing where you want to end up, change your focus.

If a person said they wanted to travel to London, and yet boarded a plane to Singapore, they would end up in Singapore. It would not matter how much they really wanted to go to London . It would not matter how sincerely they believed they were going to London. It would not matter is they really thought they were headed to London. The fact is they will end up Singapore. You cannot be moving in one direction and end up somewhere else. Your direction will determine your destination. If you don’t want to end up in Singapore, don’t go that way. Change your focus.

Far too many people look at their lives and are shocked at where they have ended up. They had dreams and hopes of something better. Yet, they find themselves in bad health, bad relationships, financially broke, and living a life they do not like. Then they wonder how they got there. They just did not end up in place they did not want to be, they moved in that direction. And, all of the hoping, wishing, dreaming did not move them one step toward where they wanted to be. The one thing they lacked to achieve the life they dreamed of having was focus. If you are headed the wrong way, change your direction.

Focus on your priorities. Do you know that it takes as much effort to bag an elephant as it does to bag mice? elephants are the big things in your life. They are the things that really matter. The mice are the annoying little things, the time waster, the focus stealers. Mice will cause you to run around in circles and never accomplish anything. Ignore them. It is not worth your time and effort to chase them down. There will always be mice scurrying for your attention. Let someone else chase them down.

Elephants are the things in life that you should consider as priorities: Your family, friends, faith and future. These are things that will empower you. Focus on each of these four things and invest in them. Keep them at the top of your list and never let the mice prevent you from doing so.

Focus determines the direction you will head in. And, your direction will determine where you will end up. if you find yourself at a destination you did not really want to be, it’s not too late. Change your focus. Set your direction to where you want to go. Stay on that path and you will arrive where you want to be.


~ by Daniel Toops on December 29, 2010.

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