Out Of Darkness Into Light–Part 5 Conclusion

Here we are standing on the edge of this passing year and looking over into the dawning of a brand new year. There may be some regrets for goals not achieved, opportunities missed and poor decisions. But you know what? That is all behind you now. As the great prophet Rafiki from the Lion King would say, “it is in the past, why worry about it?” The fact is there is nothing you can do about the past. So don’t waste your time trying to think of ways that you could have fixed something back then. All the faith and hope in the world cannot fix the past. This because faith is for the future. Faith will propel you into a brighter tomorrow, while fear will throw you back to the pain of yesterday. Let go of the past and move forward.

Over the past few days I have shared with you some insights on how you can improve your life in the coming year. I discussed with you the importance of a positive belief system. Your belief system will determine how you see and interpret the world around. I discussed that our belief systems are learned. And, a bad belief system can be unlearned and replaced by learning a positive one.

I also shared with you the importance of focus. You will hit what you are aiming at! The life you live is the result of the direction you have taken. Doesn’t matter if you wanted to be somewhere else and hoped for something better. Sadly many people live their lives as if they are a football. They are punted, thrown and carried dow the field of life by external forces and circumstances. They are living the lowest of all human existence–driven by emotion, influenced by external circumstances and held captive by fear. All of this because they failed to focus on where they wanted to be! You do not have to live your life that way. You can have a better life by simply focusing on what you want and moving in that direction. Take charge of your life. Focus on your goal and the things that really matter.

Thirdly, I told you to take action! Faith without corresponding actions is useless!! All of the belief and focus in the world is no good unless you take action! Start moving forward today even if it is a baby step. Determine to get moving now. Get rid of procrastination and fear. Release your faith for a better future. Define your goals and aim for them. Then get moving!

Understand that in life nothing just happens. Things do not end up where they are just supposed to be. Fate does not dictate our lives. The planets and the stars do not determine the course of your life. The gods do not write it down in stone and you have no choice. We define our own lives. We determine where we end up and how we live. Our choices define who we are and how we live. You have the power to create the life you want. CREATE AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE!

As we enter into this New Year, I cannot help but have words from a song by Fleetwood Mac going over in my head; “Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow. Don’t stop it’ll soon be here. It’ll be, better than before, yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.” Yesterdays gone and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. But, you can change tomorrow! What kind of year do you want? What kind of life do you want? Go for it starting now!


~ by DanielToops.com on December 31, 2010.

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