Bumper Stickers–MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!

How would you describe a bumper sticker? I mean they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They come in more colors and fonts than Baskin Robbins has flavors. And, each one is different. The only common similarity shared is adhesive backing! Just peel and stick baby!
Each bumper sticker is unique in its look and message just like the person who attached it to his or her car. Think about this: a bumper sticker is able to convey a message and evoke an emotional response/reaction in just a few words. This is perhaps why millions of dollars are generated each year in the gross sales of bumper stickers. Obviously, people are buying them and affixing them to their vehicles. And, people do read them whether they want to or not. The message is conveyed and people respond whether consciously or unconsciously.
A bumper sticker that I have seen on more than one occasion reads “mean people suck.” I can whole hardly agree. Mean people do in fact suck! Some people find the word suck to be offensive. But whether we like it or not the word is now part of our modern vernacular and is here to stay.
Suck is one of those words whose meaning has changed in modern slang from when I was a youth. Then the word had a more vulgar connotation to it. And, when you employed that word to describe someone you had better had been ready to fight or take flight. Now the word suck has become completely divorced of its original meaning. So when some tells me that their job sucks, it does not conjure to my mind any vulgar sexual image. It means that their job is really bad and that they don’t like it.
English is a living language and through the centuries the meaning of words has changed. Take for example, the word geek. The word geek originally referred to circus performers who would bite the heads off of live chickens (I never thought of Ozzie Osbourne as a geek before…did you?) Words like suck, geek, lame, awful and weird have all come to mean something different than when they were originally introduced into the English language. Let’s get back to our bumper sticker.
Everyone on the face of this planet has dealt with mean people. Whether it was a boss, teacher, coach, bully, friend or family member we’ve all endured someone who was just plain mean! Reading those words that mean people suck does not come as revelation. We have not been wondering why mean people are doing what they do. We know it is because they are mean and mean people suck!
I can relate to the frustration and hurt of dealing with mean people. I have had my share of experiences from dealing with personally. And, placing a bumper sticker on my car to state the facts that “mean people suck” doesn’t do anything to change them or me. Through the years I have invested time and energy to figure out what I can do to help mean people change. And, I have come to realize that there is nothing I can do to change them. In fact, I have discovered that there is only one person that I have the power and influence to change and that is me! So, what am I doing to change from being a victim of mean people to becoming a victor over what they do and say?
The three most common weapons in the arsenal of the mean person are intimidation, manipulation and control. They will wield these weapons with great efficiency in an attempt to force you succumb to their emotional, mental, and verbal abuse. In their mind the smaller that they can make you look and feel the bigger it makes them. To counter their mean abusive behavior you must take charge of your life and refuse to allow mean people to exert any control over your emotions. You are only at the whim of mean people if you allow them to be. This can be accomplished by educating yourself by taking classes, listening to audio programs and reading books on the subject. I recommend an excellent book by Elizabeth Brown entitled “Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People.” Her insights from years of experience in helping people, just like you, are very practical and easily applied.
Mean people do indeed suck. But, that doesn’t mean you have to allow their meanness to influence and impact your life. Make a choice to day to be a better person and write it down! Make a decision not to be a mean person who sucks, but a good person who rocks! You can do. Put that written commitment where you can see it every day and read it aloud to yourself. If it is to be then it is up to thee! God bless you.


~ by Daniel Toops on January 27, 2011.

One Response to “Bumper Stickers–MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!”

  1. Wonderful message here. Thank you so much for this. Very helpful in my fight against taking other people’s attitudes and opinions personally(you feel so much better about yourself that way.) Love this!!

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