Blessed to Be a Blessing

It is said that more people become millionaires in the United States than anywhere else in the world. The opportunity for financial freedom, creating wealth and having a better life are greater here in America. And, the most amazing fact is those who do become millionaires this year will be first generation wealth. That means they did not get their money from mom and dad.

There are to be a lot of misconceptions about money and those who have it. Growing up in a financially struggling environment and among blue-collar workers, the rich were viewed with dislike. There was the belief that they: (1) Had it all handed to them, and/or (2) they cheated people to get it. There was the whole blue-collar political view that the rich were out to rape the working man. So, we followed party mantras that reiterated that and kept us in line with people who did not want to lose their constitutes. Think about it; you want to keep people struggling and poor if you are for the poor and struggling right?

Then there was church. Many churches have stated that money is evil! They say money will corrupt you and that you should not be concerned with it. Church instructed me to look for pie in the sky in the sweet by and by. Then it hit me one day–the very things the church taught me were wrong here on earth (money and mansions) I would have in heaven. Streets of gold, gates of pearl and a mansion of my very own. How can those things be evil here and good there? I have since dropped party affiliation and changed churches.

Money is neither good or bad–it is a tool. How this tool is used will either bring good or bad. Are there evil rich people? Yep! Just like there are evil poor people. Are there compassionate and loving rich people? Yep. Just like there are compassionate and loving poor people. Money does not make a person bad or good. That is a personal choice.

Poverty is a curse! There is no blessing or spirituality about it. The reason so many struggle in poverty is because of perceptions that have been given to us by the politicians, religion and society. The fact is no one has to be poor. No one was created to live in poverty. We are held down by our perceptions, our beliefs and our expectations. If we can change the way we think we will change our perceptions. If we can change the way we think we can change our beliefs about money. If we can change the way we think we can change our expectations about life! Jesus said as a man thinks in his heart so is he!

In the meantime, what do we do? I amne there is a world of people who will not have enough to eat today. There are people who will sleep homeless camps tonight. And, there are people who long for clean drinking water! It is going to require more than giving them personal development seminars to change their reality. This where the tool of wealth can make a difference.

There are people who just rant on the rich to give more because they have more. That is just plain wrong. It is not the sole responsibility of the rich to help eradicate poverty. It is something everyone has a moral obligation to do something about. Everyone can give something–time, talent or treasure–to bless the less fortunate. Remember: that finger pointed at the rich man has four pointed right back at ya!

Wealth is a blessing. It is a blessing to receive it, but it is more blessed to give. Any wealth than comes into my life is not meant to be squandered upon me and mine. It is meant to be shared with those who are less fortunate. The call for social justice was woven into Judaism more than any other religion on the face of the planet. And, Jesus reiterated that same call. The Law of Moses teaches that one is blessed to be a blessing.

Don’t point a finger of condemnation toward the rich and say they should do more. Ask yourself; ”what can I do to make a difference?” What ministry, charitable organization or business can I create that will help the lives of others? What can I give that would provide someone with a hot meal, a place to sleep or clothes to wear? This is not the sole responsibility of the government, the church or the rich. The burden to help the less fortunate falls squarely on our shoulders. But it is one we can all bear together when we each do our part to make a difference in the lives of people.


~ by Daniel Toops on March 7, 2011.

One Response to “Blessed to Be a Blessing”

  1. To be a blessing is grace itself

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