40 Days to a Better Me: Day 15– The Seed Time Harvest Principle

There is no escaping it. It is every way around us and all we see is the direct result of it. It reminds us that nothing in this world is an accident. It screams at us that everything in this the direct result of cause and effect. It lets us know that nothing in this world just happens.

Whether you know it or not, our universe is one of order. And, this orderly universe we reside in operates on laws. Don’t belive me? Just try walking off the roof of your house–The Law of gravity will give you are rude awakening whether you believe in it or not. These laws are not in place to hinder us, but to help us. People fail in life because they do not understand these laws that govern their lives and they have not learned to use them to their benefit.

One of the most basic and fundamental laws of the universe is the Law of Cause and Effect–Better known as the seed-time harvest principle. The Law of Cause and Effect in a nutshell is this: what you sow you will reap.

Everything in our world is the direct result of the seed-time harvest principle. The cattle grazing on the hillside, the trees that provide shade and even you are the result of the seed-time harvest principle. A seed was planted and the harvest followed. Your success or failure in life will also be the result of this principle as well.

For you to be the person you desire to be, to live the life you desire to live and enjoy the success you want to experience, it is absolutely essential that you know and understand this law. You must understand that success just doesn’t happen. Success is the result (effect) of the proper seed (causes) sown.

The Bible says it this way–what ever a man sows that shall be what he reaps (Galatian 6:7). Success and failure are the direct result of the seeds that were sown. Let me reiterate that nothing just happens. For you to experience the life you were created to live and enjoy the benefits of that life, you must sow the seed that will yield that harvest.

Seed will only reproduce after its kind. Think of it this way: an apple seed will only produce apple trees. An orange seed will only produce an orange tree. It doesn’t matter how badly you may want something different from the seed you sow, the fact is you will only get what the seed can produce. There is no way to sow failure and reap success. It doesn’t matter that you wanted to sow the correct seed or that you intended to, the seed will only produce after its kind.

Everything you think, say and do are seeds and from these things fruit will be produced in your life. With that said, why not think, say and do the best that you can? There is no short cut to success. It will only be achieved by investing the time to sowing and cultivate the correct seed.


~ by DanielToops.com on March 28, 2011.

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