40 Days to a Better Me: Day 17–Healthy is as Healthy Does

January is a month for change. Each year millions of Americans will make New Year resolutions. These resolutions are simply goals for things that they wish to accomplish in the next twelve months. Some of the most popular goals are to quit smoking or make more time for family. But perhaps the most popular resolution is to lose weight.

Every January the over thirty thousand health clubs in the United States see a drastic increase in business. The health club industry is a booming twenty billion dollar industry! New members come in by the truck load. All of them eager to shed those unwanted pounds and be as fit and trim as those people on the magazine cover. But the real truth is, over the next few weeks and months the majority of those who committed to losing weight and getting healthy, will quit! Somehow or another they think the results would be faster. Hey! You didn’t pack those thunder thighs on in a week you can’t expect to take them off in one either!

America is bulging! Recent stats put 25% of the US population at obese! The increase in obesity over the past ten years has been alarming and the trend is expected to continue. This rise in obesity has our health coverage providers concerned and rightly so. Heart disease and diabetes have direct links to obesity and the estimated future costs of providing health care for obese Americans are staggering!

Yes people are now living longer through the prolonged use of pharmaceuticals. They take drugs to help them with their obese induced health issues. Quantity of life is great. I mean doesn’t everyone want to live as long as they can? But what good is quantity if the quality sucks? There is no substitute for healthy living.
Your goal should be to live to be one hundred years of age in great physical health. There is absolutely no reason why anyone couldn’t do this. We have everything necessary within our reach to assist us in achieving this goal. There is more information available today than ever before on proper nutrition. There are more health clubs in the United States than ever before. That means most of us have a gym within driving distance. There is more information available today on health and fitness than any other time in history!

With all of these gyms and materials come a slew of certified and trained professionals. What does that mean? It means that there are people available to mentor you into a healthy lifestyle! Look at the facts—gyms, materials, and mentors, you have everything available for your fitness success. So, why are so many obese and more becoming that way? It all comes down to choices!

The government will never be able to mandate health and fitness. They can pass all of the laws to shut down fast food joints and outlaw cupcakes, but it won’t make a difference. Bottom line: The only one who can make a descision for you to be a healthy person is you! If you don’t make that choice, you will never be physically fit and healthy. If you ain’t got your health, you ain’t got nothin’! Homespun humor, but it is the truth! The choice is yours


~ by DanielToops.com on March 29, 2011.

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