This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5.16 NKJV
Ever been deep inside a cave? As a young man some friends and I were exploring a rather large cave in Southern Indiana. We at one point we turned our flashlights off just to see how dark the cave was. The darkness was profound.
There is darkness all around us though we may not call it that. We may call it greed, corruption, violence, or poverty. But it is all still darkness. And the interesting thing is, there are people who have adapted their lives to living in it. They accept that darkness as normal. Hence, they live out their lives embracing those things. They may not enjoy the life they are living, but it is all that they can see. They need someone to show them the way out of the cave where they are wandering aimlessly. They need some light!

What Jesus was saying in the text was not going around and preaching hell fire and damnation. I know there are those who interpret sharing light as that. He was not even suggesting that we get them to come to our church. In our western culture, church has become something similar to Network Marketing. And, the focus of the organization is to keep the doors open and keep the money coming in. We think that by holding our weakly ( I mean weekly)meetings that we are letting our light shine. Perhaps this is why so many feel that church is irrelevant to their lives.

Here is the truth: church services don’t change things. People change things. If someone is going to abandon a life of darkness riddled with violence and drugs it won’t be because someone laid a greasy hand on their head. If someone is going from living in their car to buying a home it won’t be because worship service was awesome. If someone is going to change their life it will not be done just by showing up at church one Sunday. In order to leave the darkness there has to be someone who can show them the way out.

Note what the verse says: “…that they may see your good works…” People need to see examples of individuals who had similar circumstances in their lives and yet overcame them. Those in darkness must be provided with enlightenment, instruction and knowledge on how to get out of their darkness. And most of all there must be compassion demonstrated by providing those seeking light the things they need. What good is a prayer cloth if a person is hungry? What good is literature if the person is in need of a place to sleep and clothing? Good works need to be seen. Those who are hurting need to see how much we care. And, we demonstrate our concerning by doing good works.

Today, find something you can do to let your little light shine. Whether it be making a donation or volunteering, find a way to let your light shine. Don’t wait for things to change—be the change!


~ by Daniel Toops on November 14, 2011.

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