God’s Gonna Get Ya!

Watch out! God's gonna get ya!

“You have thirty seconds to get to this altar or you will be cut off from the grace of God forever!” Those were the words he used to ”encourage” a group of teenagers at youth camp to give their hearts to Jesus. He even began a count down.   And, not wanting to suffer irreparable damnation there was a stampede to get to the “altar” (area around the pulpit).  Folding chairs were shoved aside, kids jumping over other kids, and some running as fast as they could to get in under the dead-line.  There was weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth!

I can only hope that the preachers intentions were pure.  But his methods and words were way out of line.  For his words were erroneous.  Meaning what he said was a big fat lie.  I am inclined to believe that he saw God as a cold-hearted grumpy old man who can’t wait for you to screw up so he can zap your eternal soul into perdition!  And being in an emotionally charged atmosphere he capitalized on it.  But the ends did not justify the means.  What he did was wrong.  And, his tactics, employing fear to manipulate and control people, bordered on being cultic. There was no excuse for what he did.

But is God a grumpy old dude?  Should we cower in fear when we hear His Name mentioned? Do my actions cause God to fly into a fit of rage?  Of course not.  The fact is God is concerned and loving Father (Matthew 6.26-33; John 3.16) who desires to bless his children not hurt them.  If you or I were to treat our kids like some people believe God would treat us, we would be arrested for abuse.  Understand that God is good all the time.  All the time God is good!

The way you view God influences how you see yourself and how you see others.  If you view God as grumpy and mean, guess what?  You will be grumpy and mean and treat people accordingly. Is it any wonder why so many have a conflicting view of God? We tell them He is all love, but act like He is all mean!  But if we embrace the central characteristic of God, which is love (1 John 4:7-8),  we will love others and learn to love ourselves (Luke 10:27). Love is what motivated God to act on our behalf.  And love is what should motivate us to make a difference in the world.


~ by Daniel Toops on November 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “God’s Gonna Get Ya!”

  1. Very interesting! Thanks for this.

  2. Good reminder of the goodness of God and where God has brought us from and OUT of 🙂 And the WORSE of those days, words, sermons was that the “100’s” that ran to the altar to “be saved from judgment” did not last a week. THat is the worse. Their “salvation” conversion was no conversion at all nor any kind of personal relationship with GOD. It was nothing more – for most of them – was a horor flick scare. Lord help us to “disciple” people into the Kingdom of God,,,

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