The Starting Line

We all have astarting point

Matthew Chapter 1

Perhaps I just have a different way of reading the bible than some people.  While some may seek to validate their religious beliefs or read the bible to fulfill their religious duty, I read it for the application of practical principles to enrich my life.  After all, if the words of  “The Book” are not helping me in my everyday life…what good are they??

Some read Matthew chapter one see two things: the royal lineage of King David and the story of the virgin birth.  The both of which are used to prove that Jesus Christ was exactly who he said that He was and who the Christian world claims Him to be.  There is a great deal of scholarly debate on the “proof” of Christ’s royal divinity.  And, it is not my intention to get into that one way or the other.  My beliefs are just that–MY beliefs. What I do want to find is a nugget of universal truth that can be applied to the lives of people regardless of which side of the previously mentioned debate they take.  I want something that can inspire someone here today, not in the sweet by and by when they die.

What I see in this first chapter of Matthew’s Gospel is we all having a starting point.  Regardless if you are a descendant of kings or just an average Joe, we all have a starting point.  No one just showed up.  No just came out of nowhere.  We all have history–a family that we came from–a back story.  And, whether we like to admit it or not that back story played a role in our development.  Now it could have played a good part or a bad part.  No matter.  The fact is that it played a part.  But here is the nugget of truth that I got from chapter 1–my back story, my history (better known as the past) can only influence my future if I allow it to.  In other words, my future is not dictated by my past.  My future is my choice.  I have the final say in what my future is going to be!

Jesus was not a mindless zombie who had no choice over the life that was before Him.  He had a choice.Just because he had the proof of a royal blood line and being born of a virgin, did not mean that his life would be lived out accordingly.  He had a choice.  Just as you have a choice.

Some argue that the proverbial deck was stacked against them when they came into the world.  That they are prisoners economically, socially, racially and even spiritually.  They are the way they are and live they way they do because of circumstances beyond their control.  That is a big fat lie and the sooner you realize that YOU have power to shape your destiny the sooner things will change for you.

Starting right here right now, you are poised to design your future.  Starting here you can come to the understanding that you, and not your past, have the power to create the life you want.  You are at the starting line of a new life.  What will you do?


~ by Daniel Toops on January 13, 2012.

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