Jesus hates jailbirds, creates killer tornados and other stupid stuff your kids may hear at Sunday school.


Jesus is Not Happy

His mother told me as to why her son would not be coming back to our church for Sunday school.  I was shocked.   It was not that she would not allow him to come to our church that shocked me, but at the obvious stupidity of a Sunday school teacher at my church. I was appalled.

I could only imagine the face of this sensitive five year old boy as he asked his mother why Jesus hated people who were in jail and created tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest killing indiscriminately.  You see I know the boy.  I know the parents.  The kid is sensitive and things of a horrific nature of this magnitude, described no doubt with merciless monotone to him, have a tendency to cause him emotional discomfort.  He was five after all.  Sorry that he was not born in the Sudan or some other war ravaged country on the planet where he would have come of age seeing all sorts of indescribable forms of cruelty.  At the time of this occurrence he was five and in Sunday school on the Space Coast of Florida.  I attempt to find some logical understanding as to why an adult would feel the pressing need to describe God in such cold and murderous terms.  In my mind it is completely inexcusable to say such things to a child.   And, it reveals a lot about this person’s perception of God. 

Globally there are as many different perceptions of God and who he is and how he operates as there are people.  I cannot speak for the interpretations of god that are given by radical militants who would strap a bomb on themselves and kills innocent people.  Nor can I speak for those who see god as a bird, rock or tree.  But, as a Christ follower for nearly forty years, I feel that I am qualified to address some of the stupid stuff that Christian people have said and done in the name of god. And, in my opinion they have been guilty of giving God some bad press.   They may have meant well and said what they did with a pure heart, but that does not excuse their stupidity.

The whole message of Jesus was for His followers, and those who would come after them, to preach (proclaim) the gospel.  The gospel means good news.  The good news is that god offers HOPE to those who need it.  How saying things like Jesus hates those who are in prison spreading good news?  Didn’t Jesus say that his followers would reach out to those kinds of people?  If Jesus is the creator of killer storms, then why did he rebuke the storm? Wouldn’t that make him a hypocrite to his own belief system?

The fact is God loves everybody and he does not create monster storms that rip through the American heartland leaving a wake of destruction.    He loves red and yellow and black and white.  He even loves gay and straight as well as the free and prisoner.  God loves every one for love is the central to God’s character and being.  All of his attributes flow from this fact.  The bible describes him as long suffering, merciful and   full of compassion. Why would we seek to describe any other way?  Why would be ascribe to him characteristics that are a direct contradiction of all the bible says about him?  It doesn’t make sense to.

There are too many who are spreading misperceptions about who God is and what he’s doing.  Rather than taking getting our information about god from less than reputable sources, we should rather search him out in the book that describes him best.  I guarantee that when we do that, we wont go around saying things like Jesus hates jailbirds and creates killer tornadoes.



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