It’s The Law–Part 1: The Law of Control

How do you like yourself? Image

Look in the mirror and say “I like myself.”  Can’t do it?  Won’t do it?  Why not? I would say that many have looked in the mirror and said to their self what they did not like about their self.  So why not say something that would uplift rather than tear you down?  Granted there are times we need to have frank discussions with ourselves.  But such conversations should have the intent of helping instead of hurting. If you constantly say things of demeaning nature to yourself, you will eventually believe those things and consequently live them out.   

This is the first in a series of universal laws: The Law of Control.  You see our universe operates on laws—Universal law.  And, if we live by and practice these laws will be rewarding for observing them.  If we discount or ignore them, we will reap the negative effects of disregarding them.  Nothing in our universe just happens.  Everything happens for a reason.  If one experiences the benefits of a good life and personal success there is a reason.  Likewise, if one experiences a life filled with struggle and failure there is a reason.  Success and failure just don’t happen.  They are not the result of providence, destiny, the will of God, etc. They are results of observing or disregarding the laws which govern our universe.

The Law of Control states that you feel good about yourself to the extent you feel in control of your life.  If you feel that your life, finances, health and relationships are controlled by people or things outside of yourself, you believe that you have no control over your life.  You believe that you’re a victim.  You feel that you’re helpless to do anything to change your situation for the better.  You ascribe to the notion that “IF” certain people or certain would come to your rescue your life would be better.  But let me tell ya Cinderella, the prince ain’t coming!  It is up to you to say hasta la vista to your ugly stepmother and step sisters.  They have taken over your house and reduced your existence to living in a dingy attic, eating table scraps and wishing for someone to come rescue you.  You have allowed them the power to control your life.  It’s time to kick them to the curb! Take back what belongs to you and make something of your life.  Stop waiting for your fairy godmother to show up!  You have the power.  You hold the magic wand.  Use it!  Change your life. 

When you are working toward a goal that you feel good about and for which you have made a conscious decision to target, your actions support your feelings of being in control of your own destiny!  Learn to love yourself and you will change your life.  Stop waiting for something or someone to change your life.  Take charge and change it yourself!


~ by on August 13, 2012.

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