It’s the law–Part 2 –“What goes around comes around”

It’s the law—Part 2

What goes around comes around…


I was a fan of the television series “My name is Earl.” Earl Hickey (played by Jason Lee) was an individual who was always involved in some illegal enterprises that caused or inflicted pain on others or upon him.  One day Earl comes across a winning lottery ticket only to be struck by a car.  While being hospitalized for his injuries, Earl watched a television program explaining “karma.”  He comes to the understanding that all the bad that has happened in his life was the result of his own stupid behavior. He reasons that if he does bad things then bad things will happen.  But, if he does good then good things will happen.  Earl sets out to change his ways by creating a list of those he has wronged in the past and doing something good for them.

Though the series was hilarious, it did underscore a universal law—the law of cause and effect.  Remember that our universe is governed by laws, not chance, luck or lottery tickets.  The law of cause and effect states for every effect in your life, there is a definite or specific cause.  NOTHING JUST HAPPENS!!  People find themselves wanting better lives, relationships and finances. However, they keep doing the same negative things over and over and then they wonder why nothing in their lives ever changes.  These are people who take advice on improving their lives from people in worse shape than themselves and then they are confused as to why things never seem to improve for them. Here is the key to improving your situation:  better cause’s leads to better effects.  Remember—change the cause and you change the effect.  If Earl Hickey could grasp this concept, you shouldn’t have any problems grasping it either.

Here is what you can do to improve the quality of your life—change your thoughts! Your thinking will set the course for your future.  Your thinking influences your behavior and beliefs.  Your behavior and beliefs will influence the course of your life.  So, to start enjoying a better life, start thinking better.  Change the cause and you change the effect.  And, there is no other way.


~ by Daniel Toops on August 20, 2012.

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