It’s the Law–Part 3: The law of Expectation

You get what you expect….

Have you ever heard of the Pygmalion effect?  Dr. Robert Rosenthal of the University of California spent forty years of studying human behavior when he authored the book “Pygmalion Effect in the Classroom.”  In his book Dr. Rosenthal documented over three hundred cases of this Pygmalion effect and it’s effect upon students and educators. And, this s what Dr. Rosenthal would do.

Teachers were selected and  then informed that they were qualified for a special project to teach exceptional and gifted children.  And, that these students were expected to make a quantum leap in academic performance in the coming school year.  But here was the truth: The children were selected at random.  There was nothing academically outstanding about the students.  Not only that, the teachers were selected at random as well.  So, there was nothing exceptional about the teachers or the students.  They were simply told they were.  So, what happened?  The teachers and students all began to behave according to their belief that they were exceptional.

The students performed at much higher levels than other students in the same or similar cases and did vastly better than could have been predicted by previous grades or behavior.  The teachers likewise performed at higher levels themselves.  The students and teachers expected to be exceptional and they were.

This is the foundation of the third law in our series–The Law of Expectation.  You only get out of life what you expect from it.  The Law of Expectation is an incredible force.  you can either use it to remain in the status quo or use it to bring about radical change.  What is expected –what is really expected in the heart–will come to pass.  so, why not expect the very best in every situation?  Expect the best from everyone you meet and most importantly expect the best from yourself!

For an expectation to manifest two conditions must be met:

1.   It must serve the greater good.  It must not only benefit you but others as well.  can you imagine what the world would be like if we viewed every person as exceptional and gifted?

2.   It must be a heartfelt expectation that is felt with the deepest emotion.

All of humanity possess divine DNA.  we have the power to create the world we want to live in.  Jesus said that all things are possible to anyone who believes.  Belief springs from expectation. What do YOU expect to see in your world?

Here are three things you can do:

1.   Always expect the best.  Assume the very best of intentions on the part of those around you.  Especially families members.

2.   Practice the same behaviors with your staff and co-workers. The very best managers, entrepreneurs and sales people are “high expectations” people.

3.   Expect the best from yourself.  Focus on your unlimited potential and imagine that you can accomplish anything you pit your mind to.  Imagine that your greatest moments lie ahead and that everything that has happened to you up to now has merely been a preparation for the great things that are yet to come.

Remember:  You don’t get what you deserve from life…you get what you expect.





~ by Daniel Toops on August 21, 2012.

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