It’s the Law–Part 4: The Law of Attraction

Like a magnet….Image

The Law of attraction has received a lot of attention in the last few years.  In 2006 the film “The Secret” debuted and from there came Rhonda Byrne’s book the same name.  Her book has literally sold in the millions and has made the Law of Attraction a household name in nearly every corner of the globe. And, the book is still creating a great deal of interest.  If you have not done so, you need to see the film and read the book.

Here is the Law of attraction in a nutshell–“You are a living magnet.  And, you will attract into your life people and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominate thoughts.The law of attraction states that if you can think about something with intense emotion and with great clarity and keep it on your mind and work toward it every day you will attract the people and circumstances you need in your life that will move your success ahead more rapidly.

What we think about – both negative and positive – can affect the way we live and what happens to us in our lives. There’s nothing magic about it atall. But some have learnt to better harness this wonderful ability we all have. Both Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill wrote about this law many years ago. And, the key to unlocking the secret of the Law of attraction is knowing what you want.  This is where some people fall down.  They think they know what they want or they have been told by others what they want, but they have not discovered exactly what it is that they want.   Discover your passion, your purpose, and then pursue it with all of your energy!

Remember that our universe operates according to Law! And, the Law of Attraction, as great and powerful as it is, is only one of many universal laws for personal success.  To be effective it must be used in conjunction with the other universal laws.

In conclusion, I am convinced that our thinking creates the world we live in.  And, our thinking will attract into our lives things and people according to our deeply held beliefs. So, think and believe the best for yourself!  See what you want and start moving toward it and see what happens.  Create a vision board of what you want.  write down your goals.  When you do this you release your sub-conscious mind to begin to work to attract those things into your life.  Awesome law!


~ by on August 28, 2012.

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