The Eagle Who Thought He Was a Chicken

It’s The Law–Part 6: The Law of Correspondence

Pecking his life away! That is what the eagle was doing.  Rather than soaring high above the clouds and perching upon mountain tops, the eagle was pecking in a barn yard with chickens.  The reason was because he though that he was one!  The eagle believed he was a chicken!

Seems that the eagles fell from his nest as an eaglet and was taken in by a family of chickens.  though the chickens raise him as their own, they failed to tell the eaglet the truth.  By their lack of forthrightness, they helped to instill into the young eagles mind that he was a chicken.  Consequently, the eaglet thought, acted and believed that he was in fact a chicken. He would spend his days pecking and scratching just like the chickens that surrounded him, rather than taking to the air and being the majestic creature he was created to be. It was not until someone revealed the truth to him, showed him a reflection of himself that the eagle finally saw who he was. As he perceived himself to be, so was he.

The Law of correspondence simply states that one’s outer world responds to one’s inner world.  So within, so without.  You must be rather than do!  What is going on inside will manifest itself on the outside. You cannot say you believe in health and fitness while eating Twinkies and lounging on the sofa all day!  You cannot believe that your life is successful when you practice failure!  What is on the inside will manifest on the outside regardless of what one says.  It is not until you see yourself as successful that yo will become a success.  It is not until you see yourself as healthy that you will become healthy.  To change the outside–change the inside.


~ by on September 16, 2012.

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