Today is Your Lucky Day



Today is December 12, 2012. One of those rare dates in one’s lifetime where all of the numbers seem to line up. There is also a lot of discussion as the significance the day holds. The number twelve is said to be associated with enjoyment, emotions, creative expression, sadness, rejuvenation and rebirth But does it? I mean can “numbers” control events? Do numbers and their meaning hold sway over a person’s life?

Numerology is the study of the connection between the divine, mystical or existential relationship and a number or numbers and the events that may unravel through this connection. Through this connection, numerology attempts to sway people into thinking that their fate, destiny, purpose and significance of their lives is wrapped up in numbers. This is why I believe that numerology is a delusion. Because our universe is governed by law not chance, fate, destiny or numbers. If you obey the universal laws your life will benefit regardless of what the numbers say.

Here are a couple of reasons why I don’t put any stock in numerology:

1. The Calendar. with all of the additions, subtraction and adjustments that have been made to the calendar over the centuries, can we say with absolute certainty that today is actually 12/12/12? And, while we are on calendars, which one should we use? I mean, I remember reading that God gave a calendar to Moses way back when. And if God gave a calendar shouldn’t we be using that one? And, if that be the case, what would today’s date be? I would guarantee that it would not be 12/12/12.

2. Biblical evidence. I know that there are those who would read this blog who do not believe in the authority or the validity of the bible. But, there a number of bible believers who ascribe to numerology. I have heard sermons on what numbers represent, what they mean, yada, yada, yada. But the fact is, there is not one black and white bible passage that explicitly spells that out. There isn’t even one in red letters!

Numerology is nothing more than an exercise in subjectivity. It is all conjecture. It is all a theory that cannot stand up to critical examination. There is no empirical evidence to substantiate it.

The significance of 12/12/12 is what YOU give it. It is not something that is determined by numbers, destiny, fate or chance. It is determined by YOU! You provide the day with its meaning and significance. Therefore, choose to make it awesome! God bless.


~ by on December 13, 2012.

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