Where was God?

Sandy HooK

Sandy HooK

I was shocked when I heard the news concerning the shooting that took place at Sandy hook elementary. I was overwhelmed by emotion and I am not ashamed to admit that I wept bitter tears trying to understand it. The event defies explanation. How could some shoot twenty small children in cold blood?

I have been ordained in ministry for over twenty years and to be honest, I cannot provide any comforting words that could in any way help the grieving families. I know there are some “spiritual” people who are parroting all the phrases they have heard over the years like “God is in control,” “God’s ways are not our ways” and “God has a purpose and plan for everything.” Really? God allowed this to happen? God was in control when twenty babies were brutally murdered? God has a plan and purpose that includes the killing of small children? Pardon me for my bluntness, but all that religious parroting is junk!

There is no explanation for what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. There is no reason to be made from it nor is there any divine purpose and plan to be revealed in the sweet bye and bye. To be honest the whole thing is messed up. I have attempted to picture myself standing at the casket of one of these children and trying to deliver some spiritual comforting sermon on the slaying of that child. And, I got nothin’.

Events like this brings questions of faith and God into the forefront. Those nagging questions we all have but try to bury beneath our religious garb and spirituality. But one day something like this happens and now those questions hit us in the face like a ninety mile an hour fast ball. we find ourselves reeling, bloodied and finding that the foundation on which we stood now collapses and we crumble into a weeping heap.

If a situation like this does not shake you to your core, you have some serious problems. I question God. I question his existence and his involvement or lack thereof in this horrific display of evil. And, you know what? I don’t think God has a problem with my questions. I don’t think he feels threatened by me questioning where he was when twenty school children were gunned down. And, I don’t think he has a problem with me questioning as to where He was.

In these hour of darkness all we can do is deal with it. I’m sorry there is just no getting over it. The families will always see the scars. They will always feel the loss. And, Christmas time will never be the same for them…ever. All one can do is pick up the pieces and try to put some semblance of normalcy to one’s life. The power to keep on will come from within and from one’s determination to live and to celebrate the life of that child, no matter how brief it was.


~ by DanielToops.com on December 15, 2012.

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