The Lesson for Today…

candlelightI must be honest. The tragedy that took place at Sandy hook Elementary has affected me very deeply. Perhaps it is because I was the victim of physical abuse as a child. Maybe it is because I have a grandchild that was the same age of many of the victims. Maybe it is just because I can sense the shock and pain that many are feeling at this time of year.

I have choked up with tears many times over the past few days and have been overwhelmed with anger. I have questioned my faith as to how something this horrific could happen to so many innocents. And, I have even shied away from Facebook posts as I how could I post something good that was happening in my life when so many are experiencing a deep sense of loss. I am though, finding that my writing is acting as a catharsis for my troubled soul.

I am under no illusion that the horrible evil that committed at Sandy Hook has no hidden higher purpose. God was not involved in this. God did not create or condone it. Nor is He teaching us some sort of sick twisted lesson through it all. The event that unfolding was the result of one man’s decision. He willed it. he planned it and he carried out the unimaginable. Nothing divine about it. This was the exercise of free will, that each of us has. It was the will of a man.

However, there is a valuable lesson we can all learn–Life is meant to be lived now. Love those in your life as if it were the last time that you would ever see them. Don’t allow petty things to ruin meaningful relationships. Because in the light of the Sandy hook incident, everything else pales in comparison. My petty grudge or life frustrations are nothing compared to the pain that 27 families are feeling right now.
So today’s lesson is–Love like there is no tomorrow. Shit happens. That isn’t a fatalistic attitude. It is one that says everyone experiences bad things. Some worse than others. But the answer isn’t in trying to figure out the “meaning” or asking “why is this happening to me?” It is embracing the pain and going on.

This holiday season, live, laugh and love. And, please remember the families of these victims. God bLess.

Charlotte Bacon, 6
Daniel Barden, 7
Rachel Davino, 29
Olivia Engel, 6
Josephine Gay, 7
Ana Marquez-Greene, 6
Dylan Hockley, 6

Dawn Hochsprung, 47
Madeleine Hsu, 6
Catherine Hubbard, 6
Chase Kowalski, 7
Jesse Lewis, 6
James Mattioli, 6
Grace McDonnell, 7
Anne Marie Murphy, 52
Emilie Parker, 6
Jack Pinto, 6
Noah Pozner, 6
Caroline Previdi, 6
Jessica Rekos, 6
Avielle Richman, 6
Lauren Rousseau, 30
Mary Sherlach, 56
Victoria Soto,27
Benjamin Wheeler, 6
Allison Wyatt, 6


~ by Daniel Toops on December 17, 2012.

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