Don’t Drink the Purple Kool-Aid

koolaidlargeI remember as a boy the story of the Jonestown mass suicide. The name Jim Jones became synonymous with “cult.” And, even today when someone says that a religious leader is a “Jim Jones” type it speaks volumes of vile evil.

There is no doubt that the spiritual abuse Jim Jones committed against hundreds of followers was deplorable. And, we wonder how anyone could be duped into believing such no-sense? We like to think that that was then and this is now. And, in the now we have unlimited accessibility to information via the internet super highway. We have more information available at our finger tips than our grandparents ever had in their entire lives. And, we would like to believe that such spiritual abuse would not or could not take place in our great forward thinking world. Yet, sadly it does.

Warren Jeffs and those who follow polygamous theology have literally abused people physically, sexually and spiritually. The doctrine is contrived upon a “message” from god that elevates men and devalues women. Why would god elvate men and devalue women? If polygamy is not about male dominance, then why aren’t the women allowed to have plural marriages? It is obvious that the theology is flawed and no matter how reality TV tries to make it palatable, it is still messed up.

Any faith, spirituality religion that seeks to make another one human being less than another is wrong. The KKK preaches that kind of message and we know how evil that message is. We would label a religion that teaches racial hate a cult, why wouldn’t we label one a cult that makes women less than men? Their gospel of spiritual abuse is all about domination, manipulation and control. And that is an evil combination. And, that combination will lead people to the purple kool-aid.

Jesus said “seek and you shall find.” If you want to avoid spiritual abuse—seek truth. Don’t seek religion that was handed to you. Seek truth. Seek something that completes and helps to make you a better person and makes the world a better place. Anything that draws you into something “weird” only makes you weird. And weirdness does not equate true spirituality.

No one has a monopoly on truth. It is free and available to everyone. Seek the truth. Know the truth. And the truth you know and understand will set you free.


~ by on January 24, 2013.

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