The Taste: Keep it Simple


The first time I watched “No reservations” I was hooked.  Anthony Bourdain, author and chef introduced everyone to his straight forward and somewhat arrogant demeanor.  I loved the program.  I was there when it started and I was there to watch the final episode.  And, I wondered “what is Anthony going to do now?’  It was just hard to imagine Tony Bourdain in retirement.  Then I saw the previews of “The Taste.” No doubt Bourdain with his fan base would draw people to check it out.  And in my case it worked.

Calling The Taste a cooking competition would not be misleading.  It is far more than that. Each of the four judges, of which Bourdain is one, is tasked with selecting four team members from numerous contestants.  The judges are given a taste of a recipe presented by those desiring to be selected.  However, the judges are not allowed to know anything about the contestant, their cooking training or even the story behind of the dish. They are only given the taste and must make a blind decision based solely upon that.

In the first episode numerous professional chefs attempted to ‘WOW’ the judges with their culinary expertise.   And, many failed.  They would leave dejected, angry and wondering why they were sent packing. Their greatest personal pain or embarrassment was being rejected over a home cook. The answer to that was simply: the taste. They were more concerned with making an impression than with creating great tasting food.  And, that cost them. They forgot that it is often the simplest recipes that make the most memorable dishes.

I guess it is just human nature to over complicate things. And we all have taken ourselves or what we were doing too seriously and we all have missed the goal—our personal happiness.  Life is not made to be complicated.  But in our eagerness to make our lives better we often make them worse.  We find ourselves dwelling in daily routine prisons of our own design and unable to enjoy the life we were seeking to have.  So, I guess I am just reiterating an old saying: Keep it simple. 

What are the most important things in your life?  Who are the most important people in your life?  Rather than being a slave to things and being with people you don’t really like, why not focus on those things and those people who really make you happy?  Get rid of those things that complicate your life. Jesus said it this way: “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?(Mark 8.36 NLT).  There is nothing wrong with things or money.  But, when we become consumed with obtaining them, even if it is to provide for those we love, we lose perspective.  By simplifying our lives we make it more flavorful.  Live life simply and enjoy the taste!


~ by on February 7, 2013.

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