Shut Up and Listen

We would bow our heads, close our eyes and begin to pray. And we would pray…and I mean we would PRAY. I am not talking about those silent moments of reflective meditation. Nor am I referring to the liturgical kind of prayer that is practiced by some denominations. When we Pentecostals would pray it was done in a no holds barred UFC style! The louder and the more intense we prayed the better. Why do Pentecostals pray so loud? Because we believed God was deaf. The common idea while praying was that dead air was wasted air. So, we worked to keep something flowing from our lips and pray as intensely as we could until prayer time was over. Quiet reflection was not something I was taught.

The reason I had taken so long to incorporate quiet reflection into my personal spiritual practice was I did not see the value in it. Remember I was schooled in a loud demonstrative style of worship and prayer. In my mind practicing being still and quiet just wouldn’t work. Looking back I can honestly say I was wrong.

The Prophet Elijah retired to a mountain cave to seek direction from God. The story tells us that there was a fire, earthquake and a whirlwind. But the voice of God was not in any of those demonstrations. It was when Elijah withdrew into a quiet place that God spoke to him. And, it was in a still small voice (1 Kings 19.11-13).

I believe that man is made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore everyone on this planet has divine DNA in them. While most prayer is focused on receiving help from an external source, quiet reflection helps us to find the answers that are already on the inside of each of us. It is simply a matter of learning how to shut up and listen.

Whether you are religious or not, quiet reflection is a spiritual practice that can enrich any life. It was surprising for me to discover the number of successful business professionals who make time everyday just to slip into the silence. They have discovered the answers that they were searching for. It was simply by taking time to get quiet, reflect on what needed to happen and then the answer came.

This Lenten season start making time for quiet reflection. Determine a time everyday to shut the world out and get quiet. Focus on the answers and solutions you need…not the problems. The more you focus your mind and what you need and want to happen, behold the answers will come to you. So, make time in your life to shut up and listen.


~ by on February 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Shut Up and Listen”

  1. Amen. ….and try centering prayer. (look it up)

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