Rule #6

rule6I don’t know where it comes from or even who said it. All I k now is a friend of mine shared it on his Facebook status. He simply asked “Have you applied Rule#6 today?”

I pondered the status post. I had no idea what Rule #6 was. So, before I responded I read the comments others had made in regard to his question. Seems there were as many different Rule #6 as there were people. So I came up with zip on what rule he was talking about. So I googled it and came across what I believed which Rule#6 he was talking about. It simply said; “Rule #6—don’t take yourself so damn seriously.” I responded to his question by asking if that was the rule to which he was referring. And, it was.

The day I responded to my friend’s question, I had failed at following Rule #6. I am going to be transparent and honest here. I not only failed to apply Rule #6, I just blew it at keeping myself together. I was delivered some shocking news…you know the kind that knocks the wind out of you. I responded rather immaturely. Luckily, I didn’t say anything or do anything stupid. I simply got myself moving to a “happy place.”
I had taken myself way too seriously. I had bought into a perception of myself that was not completely accurate. I drank my own kool-aid and become intoxicated on my own wine. I played the fool in a delusion I had created. Then, in steps reality….

When you get your identity wrapped up in exterior things and suddenly those things are removed, you will find yourself in an identity crisis. I knew this fact. I had shared it with friends who were in a similar situations and trying to discover who they really were. And, there I was. Just goes to show that we all fall prey to self aggrandizement.

So what is a person to do? Understand the following:
• Everything changes–EVERYTHING
• Life is unpredictable –if it weren’t then it would be boring
• No one is immune to the problems and pain of life—NO ONE

The key to avoiding a major identity crisis is to build your identity from the inside out. Become the person you want to be on the inside first. I know it is easy to say not to let the exterior things influence who you think you are. But as people we tend to forget that. So, this Lenten season, focus on building who you want to be in your heart first. Focus on that inner person. I am not talking religious rituals and observance here. I am talking about becoming happy with yourself and living life from that perspective. The Apostle Paul said; “I think myself happy…” If you are happy with you then no matter what happens in life—and stuff will happen—you will remain happy and content within.


~ by on February 19, 2013.

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