Sunday, but Monday is coming

Sunday, but Monday is Coming…

ChurchSteepleAtSunsetIn a past life, I served as pastor to a church in rural Louisiana. The church I pastored was of the Pentecostal/Charismatic stripe. What that means is that our worship services were punctuated with emotional interaction. Boisterous shouts of joy or wailing of repentant hearts were common place. We would gauge the success of a service and or sermon by the degree of the emotional response from the congregation. This alone was the criteria we used to determine our effectiveness. Everything was geared for a “blow out” service where we would “bite the ceilings” as we called it.

On Monday morning, drained physically and emotionally I would rise early, not because I wanted to, but because I had to because every Monday was garbage pickup day. Every Monday morning I would dutifully get up, get dressed and wheel the garbage container to the street. It didn’t matter how many people spoke in tongues or fell under the power of the Spirit. Monday was trash day and trash day didn’t care what kind of service I experienced on Sunday. It was then; I began to realize that the hype I was promoting on Sunday had very little practical application on Monday.

Sadly, there are churches that encourage people to just let go on Sunday and their lives will miraculously be better. Just “praise” your way through the problem, just jump up turn around and shout JESUS three times and your life will be transformed! That is just plain BS! And, it does not work. It only serves to create doubt in the minds of people. Because they believe that if they had “truly” worshiped, then their lives would be radically transformed from that point on. Then Monday smacks them in the face and they find themselves back at the Altar the next Sunday trying to get it right this time.

Here is the rub: it’s Sunday, but Monday is coming. No matter how hard you prayed, no matter how many times you jumped up and down, Monday is coming! So understand this: nothing in life just happens. No one can put the Holy Ghost Mojo on you and things will just be different. Our universe is governed by laws and one of them is the law of cause and effect. To experience better effects in your life, you must change the causes. To change the cause is to change the effect. And, that is something that emotional responses just can’t do. This is known as sowing and reaping and there is no other way to achieve change.

Four Steps to a Better Monday
1. Determine what kinds of effects you want to experience.
2. Determine what causes need to take place in order to achieve those effects
3. Decide that you WANT to achieve those effects
4. Get busy making the necessary changes.

To change your Monday you must begin my changing the causes on Sunday. A practical application of truth, not hype, will change your life.


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