Five upside the head

KJ Noons vs Donald Cerrone

It was one of the bloodiest spectacles had ever seen. Two men fighting with all the strength and power they could muster. They were not fighting because of sacred honor or because a disagreement had escalated.they were fighting for a title and a pay out. This ladies and gentlemen is UFC!

I went out with a couple of friends to have a few beers and watch the fights. I don’t follow UFC.  I just don’t get it. Being pummeled for money and sport to me seems moronic. But hey, that’s just me. However, I did want to spend time with my friends. So, I sipped and watched.

We watched several matches and they were pretty much a rerun of the previous one. They only thing that differed were contenders and the amount of time it took to way-lay the loser. But,  there was one thing that seemed out of place: some of The fighters prayed before the match. I have a hard time wrapping my head around asking for God’s blessing while attempting to beat another person’s brains out.  Oxymoron or paradoxical? You tell me.

So, how does one reconcile Christianity and violence for purely entertainment purposes? I feel that using extreme force is justifiable in a situation to protect and defend life and family. But gladiatorial events like the one i was watching don’t fall into that category. And, they would appear to be a direct contradiction to the teachings of Jesus.  Are events like these helping to fuel the growing violence in our country? Should Christ followers be watching such gruesome sport?  I could just come out and say “this is sin! Repent!” But I think that would be a serious oversimplification. No doubt there are those who will spew that kind of self righteous craziness. Eager to tell someone else how they should live and what is right and wrong. But for me, I will just enjoy the company of my friends,shake my head and not try to judge.


~ by Daniel Toops on May 28, 2013.

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