Change Brings Conflict

Oak Alley plantations in LouisianaConflict is inevitable with any strides one takes for personal advancement. Whether it is in finances, education, relationships or health conflict and struggle will make themselves known. Is the conflict God’s way of testing us to see if we really want something? Is it his way to keep us humble during the process? Is it the devil attempting to keep me from my desired God? Is it fate wrestling with me to persuade me in the direction that I should be going? You would think that by going in a better direction for yourself that things would be easy. But the plain truth is change brings conflict!
I am of the opinion that conflicts do not arise due to any of the following reasons:
A. God’s punishment: the whole idea that I can exercise some sort of emotional manipulation over God is laughable. To think that I could do something that would cause god to have a bad day or piss him off is just absurd. Get it in your head—God is not punishing you

B. God testing me: God is omniscient. That means he knows everything. So, if he knows everything, then why does he need to test me to determine something? God didn’t send the conflict to test you? To be honest he probably didn’t send it at all.

C. The devil is attacking me: To me the “devil” is after me reason is an excuse not to assume personal responsibility. These people will always be waiting for something or someone outside of themselves to come to their rescue.

D. You can’t fight fate: There are those who believe that every detail of their lives has been mapped out and predetermined before they were ever born. To me this is a copout. This is a person’s way of not assuming responsibility for any failures in their life because it’s “meant to be.”

Nature teaches us that an oak is produced by a single acorn. It sounds simple. But for that acorn to become a massive oak tree there was a lot of conflict involved. The oak in the acorn had to fight to get out of the shell, fight to dig its way up out of the earth and had to fight for years to become the majestic tree that it is today.

Growth produces conflict! When you start moving toward a desired destination you set things in motion by your actions. This is known as the law of cause and effect. When your life had been going one way and then you start moving in another direction conflict is a given!
The conflict one feels when attempting to improve the quality of their life is a natural thing. It is through this conflict that we gain strength, endurance and personal confidence. God didn’t send a test. The devil isn’t attacking. And, your fate isn’t already determined. YOU set this conflict into motion. And your actions and attitude will take you to where you want to be.


~ by Daniel Toops on June 12, 2013.

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