What Kind of Dad?

Watch out!  God's gonna get ya!

Watch out! God’s gonna get ya!

I don’t remember much about my father. But, the memories I do have are horrific. To say that he was abusive would be an understatement. When I was roughly three years of age, the man gave me a severe beating that still haunts me to this day. I had put too much toilet paper into the commode and when I flushed, it backed up. The problem was the bathroom was upstairs over the kitchen. When the toilet overflowed the water ran directly down to the kitchen below. This infuriated my father.

I remember my older sisters screaming at me to run. And I did. This wasn’t the first time any of us witnessed the brutality of a grown man on a small child. I ran to my bedroom and hid under my bed. I can still hear him walking up the stairs and calling out my name. I can hear his belt coming out of the loops and the sound of each step he made coming up the stairs.

I watched his feet move by the bed and into my closet. I tried to get out from under the bed, but he caught me by the back of my neck. He held me up off of the ground and began to savagely beat me. That incident, coupled with his absenteeism after my parents divorced, scared me emotionally and psychologically. My father will not be remembered for stellar parenting. Nor would anyone in their right mind want to mimic his parental technique.

This brings me to an interesting question: if we feel that abusing our children to teach them a lesson is wrong, then why do we think its ok for God to? Some may be asking “what do you mean by that?” There seems to be this idea that God, who loves us so much, would take extreme measure to teach us something. There are those who believe that God would use pain, agony, cataclysmic events and even death to get us lined up and living right. That’s because he loves us so much! This thinking paints an inaccurate and warped image of God. And, there is no way to rationally reconcile this view. In my mind it portrays God as psychotic.

The bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1.7). If God is good, love and all of the warm fuzzy attributes we ascribe to him, how can we even say that he would kill our kids, burn our house and give us a heart attack to show us something? That’s just sick and twisted. Yet, I know people who believe that!

The truth be told, God isn’t guilty of the abuse we’ve accused him of. If God is the same yesterday, today and forever, then there’s no way we can manipulate his emotions by our actions. Therefore what I do doesn’t influence God one way or another. Get it in your head: there’s nothing you can do to make God have a bad day!

This subject is a lot bigger than a blog of a few hundred words. And, in time I will probably elaborate more on my view of God. But, for now understand that God is not standing with a lightning bolt ready to fry your back side! Begin to read the scriptures and abandon religious misconceptions about God. Discover who God is not who you’re told that he is. And find out what kind of dad he really is.


~ by DanielToops.com on June 15, 2013.

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