Why is there a lightning rod on the church steeple?

steepleI have heard it hundreds of times. Yet, I struggle to believe it. It’s because it does not make rational sense when I hear it. The idea does not reconcile with my understanding of God. That idea is that everything happens is all part of God’s plan.

Pulpits have declared and people have parroted those words for centuries. But is it true? I cannot find anything from a biblical text that explains it that way. Mr. John Calvin introduced the doctrine of Predestination, but do you think Calvin may have gotten it wrong? After all Calvin created a theory based upon past observation. And, from that view it would appear that his theory is correct. But it does not take into consideration the look forward or the here and now.

People are probably screaming “HERETIC!” right now. I have questioned an ancient belief and I have questioned John Calvin (his name be praised). All I can say is I have problems with the idea that God determined that millions would die at the hands of tyrants. I have a problem with the idea that God’s will is for suffering and pain to be inflicted on the lives of people. I have a problem with the idea that God “takes” people because heaven needed another choir member. “My family was brutally murdered. But it was God’s plan!” Can you see how crazy that sounds?

I am being honest about my questioning. However, I think most people aren’t. If we believe everything that happens is God’s plan then why do we take aspirin? If everything that happens is God’s plan why help those dying of starvation? If everything that happens is God’s will then why did we put a lightning rod on top of the church? Our mouths say one thing, but our actions say something different.

In my opinion, not everything that happens is according to God’s plan. The guy who died from a heart attack probably died because he failed to take care of himself. The children slaughtered in equatorial Africa were killed by a warlord not by divine decree. I feel that the reason we say that it’s all part of God’s plan is because we struggle to understand it. Deep down we question it. We attempt to make some sort of meaning of it. Because we feel that if we question it, that means we do not have faith. How so? I think when we throw our doubts at God we are exercising faith. It screams “I’m trying to understand this!” Because if faith has it all figured out, is it really faith?

Some things make no sense. But who says everything has to make sense? Does this make god any less God? Why do we feel that it’s important to explain it all? There are things in life that don’t make any sense. But that’s ok. I will continue to trust and believe, even when things make no sense. wonka


~ by DanielToops.com on August 12, 2013.

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