You are the thinker of the thought

Space Mountain 020Walt Disney World is one of the most visited places in the United States. Every year millions of vacationers descend upon this Florida destination. They are greeted by costumed characters as they stand in awe of this amusement park marvel.

I first visited WDW in 1976. Since then a number of things have changed. You can now ride every ride with a one day pass. Some of the rides have been replaced while others have been changed and updated. One ride that was there in 1976 is still there today: Space Mountain.
Space Mountain is the oldest working roller coaster in the state of Florida. Though it has undergone cosmetic and technological updates, this iconic themed roller coaster still is just as thrilling as it was when I boarded as a fifteen year old boy. And, I feel that no visit to the magic Kingdom is complete until you get strapped in on Magic Mountain.

Here is something I find interesting: how can two people ride Space Mountain and have two very different interpretations? One person can ride and say it was awesome while another rides and says it is terrifying. Which is correct? How can you have two vastly different interpretations? The truth is they are both correct. It’s because the interpretation is based upon a person’s belief. The event does not create the interpretation, the meaning you attach to the event does. Your interpretation is the reality of the event.

The power of belief determines how we live our lives. Our beliefs will determine where we work, who we marry and how we live. And, this goes just beyond what we think. Our thoughts will ultimately create a biochemical response to our interpretation of the events of our lives. The person, who rides Space Mountain and believes it is fun, will have chemical reactions in the body to affirm that. The person who believes it is terror will release chemicals into the body to reflect terror. It doesn’t matter how many times each ride. Until their belief is changed, they will continue to hold to and respond accordingly.

Space Mountain 020


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