Jesus said never anything about Halloween

jesus-pumpkin4Ever watch a dog chase his tail? It’s amusing. It’s funny. And it’s futile. We understand that it is a complete waste of time. In fact, we’ve even used that analogy to those who spend a great deal of time chasing down things that really don’t matter. That’s how I view railing on Halloween.

There’s been a ruckus over Halloween in Christian circles for a long time. The church I came up in frowned heavily upon it and decried it as a tool of Satan used to deceive the masses. We’d pray and fast on Halloween to prevent the forces of darkness from coming against our churches, families and communities. But every year, Halloween came back around and we’d go back into look out for the devil mode. We were chasing our tails.

Halloween is here to stay. It’s engrained into our culture as much as Christmas and Thanksgiving. If there was any satanic meaning it’s been lost. Halloween has become nothing more than a day people dress up, have parties and eat lots of candy. Last I heard there haven’t been any incidents of cat sacrifices and devil worship going main stream. Halloween hoopla is nothing more than well meaning Christians chasing their tails. They’re investing their time and energy into something that doesn’t make a bit of difference. There’s far more in the bible to condemn the local all you can eat buffet than there is about trick or treating. But you won’t hear them say anything about that will ya?

There’s far too much need in our world for us to spin our wheels on Halloween. You want to boycott it? That’s your choice. But since you’re getting all spiritual, when was the last time you helped the homeless? Fed the needy? Clothed the naked? Visited and prayed for the sick? When was the last time you invested as much passion into making your world a better place? The bible says a great deal more about those who neglect to do the things previously mentioned than it does about Halloween. In fact, Jesus never said anything about Halloween.


~ by Daniel Toops on November 4, 2013.

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