The Heart Attack Chronicles: Keeping it together

daggerSurviving a massive heart attack has changed my life. I now mark time as before and after the heart attack. My diet has changed drastically. Exercise is now a necessity. I now eat a handful of pills for breakfast and a few more before I go to bed. And, when I leave the house there are three things I try to keep on me at all times: my cell phone,baby aspirin and nitro tablets. But the biggest change I having to deal with is PTS.

Post traumatic stress effects millions of heart attack survivors. After all, having one is a traumatic experience. Ask a heart attack survivor if their emotional state has changed. PTS effects people in different ways. I know that some mild mannered people have swung the other way once they had their HA. They have gone from cool, calm and collected to irritable and moody. Me, I kinda swung the other way.

I was the guy who could be defined as impatient and high strung. But after the HA, I noticed things are…different. After the HA I found myself feeling like I was constantly on the verge of an anxiety attack or crumbling into a bawling heap. Many days I wouldn’t get out of bed. But after time, things have leveled off. There are still days I struggle just to keep it together. And, I wonder if it will be something I will deal with for the rest of my life or will it go away over time? Time will only tell. So, I get up everyday get up and face the world. Even with the change in my emotional state, I am thankful to be alive.


~ by on December 18, 2013.

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